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Local ATM & aMUSEMENT services

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Industry leading atm service

Offering the newest technology in ATM products, paired with premium service and affordable rates for any business type.

Make your business or event stand out with K ATM & Amusements.

Serving southwest Wisconsin, Milwaukee area, Iowa, and Illinois.


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Own Your Own ATM

Discover our extensive selection of new and used ATMs designed to suit your business requirements. Not only can we provide no-fee processing services, but we also offer complimentary delivery and setup for a hassle-free experience.

You can trust K ATM & Amusement to elevate your business with reliable ATMs.

Now Offering

Amusement machine placement at your bar or business.  Choose from several styles to fit your customer base. 

100+ amusement machines in Wisconsin.

amusement games

Vibrant Touchscreen

amusement games

Up To 43" Display

amusement games

5 In 1 Game System

amusement games

Configurable Jackpots

White Noise on Black Background

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about us

Kohli ATM is a locally owned and operated business in Potosi, Wisconsin.  We service the entire Tri-State area including Dubuque, Madison, Milwaukee and Galena.

We provide the newest technology and guarantee our customers satisfaction.

Contact us now to learn how an ATM can help increase your revenue and provide exceptional service for your clients and customers.

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About Us

Why K ATM?

Great Service

We are local and we can fix almost any problems quickly. Our attention to detail ensures we always answer your call or get back to you in a short timeframe.

Modern Equipment

Unlike other vendors trying to pawn off old unreliable units on your business, we use the most modern and up-to-date equipment to provide exceptional service.

Industry Experience

We also operate bars & businesses, just like you. Our team knows what it takes and have a unique perspective that other vendors don't.

Enhanced Profitability

All of these reasons add up to more money for you!

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